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Replacing Fluorescent Kitchen Light with New LED Fixture

The old fluorescent T12 light was simply not cutting it anymore. Our home was built in 1942 and this old fixture didn't put out sufficient light in the kitchen. Additionally, this fluorescent light flickers under normal condition and sometimes will not even light up is the temperature is too cold.

Our solution for these problems was to install this new LED fixture from Hampton Bay. I purchased this light from our local Home Depot. This is a repetitively easy and straight forward installation. Here are a list of the recommended tools that I used for this install.

Recommended Tools:

As with any electrical project you should always turn off the power prior to opening any boxes. This was an easy remove and replace type of install. I simply removed the old fixture, disconnected the wires and installed the new LED light fixture in the reverse order. The change in both light output and obviously the aesthetic appearance was a night and day difference.

Part 2 (Failed LED Driver):

Unfortunately there is a second part to this story. Approximately 1 year and 8 months after installation this fixture stopped working. After further investigation I discovered that the LED driver had failed. I contacted the Home Depot/Hampton Bay warranty department in addition to the manufacturer and received a new driver under warranty. This replacement was easier than the initial installation. The four finger nuts on the metal ring from the fixture were removed. It required removal of a few screws and cutting and crimping some new wires.

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