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About Thrifty Garage

Looking for honest, real world product reviews? How to create simple DIY projects? Wondering which product or tool to buy? Or are you a homeowner and need help with installing a new LED fixture or repairing your cracked concrete patio? You are in the right place!

My name is Carson, creator at Thrifty Garage. I make videos showing how to do everyday repairs, how-to's and reviews. I answer YOUR questions so you know what to buy, what works and what doesn't. You will get tips, tricks, how to, reviews, top products, techniques and more. I am frugal in nature and I am always striving to complete my tasks with a thrifty mindset. Whether that means buying quality the first time or finding creative solutions to cut costs I'm up for the challenge!

Before you purchase that next tool or tackle your next Honey Do project be sure and check out my hands-on reviews, unboxing, comparisons and other garage related stuff. Want to collaborate? Email me!

The first 30-60 seconds of this video sums up what this channel is all about.

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